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Image Aspect Ratio The image aspect ratio is generally defined as the ratio of picture width to height. It impacts the overall appearance of the displayed image. For standard TV the aspect ratio is 4 : 3. This value was adopted for TV, as this format was already used and found acceptable in the film industry prior to 1953. 85 or higher. 78, which is quite close to that of the wide-screen film format. Image Intensity Light is a subset of the electromagnetic energy. The visible spectrum ranges from 380 to 780 nm in wavelengths.

It is normal practice to sample at a rate higher than this for ease of signal recovery with practical filters. 5 MHz for luminance and half of that rate for chrominance signals. This rate is an integral multiple of both NTSC and PAL line rates but is not an integral multiple of either NTSC or PAL color subcarrier frequency. Quantization The sampled signal is still in analog form and is quantized next. The quantizer assigns each pel whose value is in a cer- DIGITAL TELEVISION tain range a fixed value representing that range.

In electronic displays, the adjective ‘‘flat’’ refers to the complete panel structure. Flat panel displays are important because they are flat like a pancake as opposed to flat like a flat iron. Flat cathode-ray tubes (CRT) are possible where the tube structure is flat like a pancake. To achieve this, the simple beam addressing of a conventional CRT is replaced with some form of the more complex matrix addressing. Typically, FPDs also have flat front surfaces. However, CRTs can also be made with flat faceplates for custom application, but at additional cost.

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