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ISLAND —a jail located on a small island in New York City. Notes on the Exercises b e f o r e l i st e n i n g ori entation In explaining this proverb, you may want to explain what “rod” and “spare” mean in isolation, though they are both low-frequency words. ) Students’ first languages will probably have some similar expression, or perhaps another proverb dealing with raising children, and students should be encouraged to compare. Of course, physical punishment (and the line between punishment and child abuse) is a volatile topic.

Language Focus A: Using “Would” and “Used To” This is a fairly subtle point, but it relates to errors often made in narrative writing about the past. You may want to remind students of the difference between the forms “used to” and “to be/get used to,” meaning to become accustomed to. In Exercise A, note the three verbs that can be used, in this sense, only with “used to”: “be,” “live,” and “speak” (in the sense of having the ability to speak a language). Point out to students that each of these refers to an ongoing situation rather than a discrete event.

NB: “Actually” is a false cognate of the French word actuellment. ”). a f t e r l i st e n i n g Discussion Activities Topic A may be too personal for some students, but it has the potential to lead to some very revealing discussions. Topic B is less personal and therefore may be a good choice for those who find Topic 1 uncomfortable. , an Airplane Ashes funeral is cheaper and more environmentally sound than burial). 30 Airplane Ashes Writing Activities Again Topic A is more personal and should be handled carefully.

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