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25 300 C reative P hysics Problem s with S olutions Problem 108. A hoop of rad iu s l' and of mass m is th row n above the gro und in such a way that the pl ane o f the hoop is vertica l. The hoop is ro tating bac kwards, about its centre with an angul ar speed of Wo a nd the veloc ity of its centre is Vo in the fo rward direc ti o n. W hat must the a ngul ar speed of the hoop be if a fter reac hing the ground durin g the course of its moti o n the hoop turn s bac k (mo ves bac kw ard )? A t what angul ar speed of Wo will the speed o f the hoop mov in g bac kw ard be vo?

Determine the angular velocity of the disks after we burn the thread th at holds the spring in its compressed position , provided th at its initial position corresponds to figure a) or figure b). ) d i -- ~: a) b) Problem 102. A thin ring of radius T = 10 cm, rotating in a hori zo ntal plane, is dropped onto a tabletop from a height of h = 20 cm. At the instant when it starts to fall , the angular speed of the ring is Wo = 2 8- 1 around its vertical axis. The collision is inelastic and takes a very short time.

Then , with the help of two separate course corrections, the spaceship is put into a new circular orbit of radius 2 1'1. In the first correction only the magnitude of the spaceship's velocity is changed keeping its direction unchanged. Tn the second correction , which is carried out in the first appropriate momen t, only the direction of the spaceship ' s velocity is changed while its magnitude remains unchanged . a) By what percentage is the kinetic energy increased during the first course correction?

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