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Robert Coover: the universal fictionmaking process

With works ranging thematically and stylis­tically from The common Baseball organization to the general public Burning, from Pricksongs and Descants to Spanking the Maid, Robert Coover emerges as the most vivid writers from a striking avant-garde that during the mid­-1960s fixed severe attack on conventional principles of shape and content material in international literature.

An Outline of American Literature

A survey of the English prose, poetry and drama of the U.S. from Colonial occasions to the1980s.

Bodies of Reform: The Rhetoric of Character in Gilded Age America (America and the Long 19th Century)

From the patricians of the early republic to post-Reconstruction racial scientists, from fin de siècle progressivist social reformers to post-war sociologists, personality, that interestingly formable but both ambitious “stuff,” has had a protracted and checkered heritage giving form to the yankee nationwide id.

Emerson and the Art of the Diary

This primary prolonged literary description and research of Emerson's journals, argues that they, and never his essays, are Emerson's masterpiece, constituting one of many maximum commentaries on nineteenth-century the US through one among our so much acute formal intelligences. First constructing the serious technique had to research the magazine shape, a style lengthy ignored through literary students, Rosenwald is going directly to examine how Emerson the diarist discovered his shape and what shape he came across.

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1882. Abraham Lincoln, The Backwoods Boy. 1883. Bibliography: Road to Success: The Bibliography ()(the Works of Alger by Ralph D. Gardner, 1971. ALLEN 27 Reading List: From Rags to Riches: Alger and the American Dream by John W. , 1963. In 1867 Horatio Alger, failed preacher and school master, entered upon a literary career which eventually produced more than a hundred so-called boy's novels, thereby becoming one of the most successful writers in history. Indeed, so successful was he that his name has entered the language to signify the rags-to-riches American hero who.

1853. Maggy 's Baby and Oth~r Stories. ' Married L(fe: Its Shadows and Sunshine (stories). 1852. The Old Man's Bride. 1853. Sparing to Spend; or. The Lofions and Pinkertons. 1853. The Wounded Boy and Other Stories. 1853. Ten Nights in a Bar-Room and What I Saw There. 1854; edited by H. Hugh Holman, with In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon, 1966. The Angel of the Household. 1954. Shadows and Sunbeams. 1854. Leaves from the Book of Human L(fe. 1855. The Good Time Coming. 1855. The Hand But Not the Heart.

Married Ellen Alden in 1836; five sons and two daughters. Watchmaker's apprentice, then worked as a clerk in a Baltimore counting room; Western Agent for a Baltimore bank, 183 3: member of the editorial staff of various Baltimore journals, including the Athenaeum and Saturday Visitor. 1834-38; Co-Editor, Baltimore Literary Magazine. 1838-40: Editor. Baltimore Merchant, 1840; moved to Philadelphia, 1841, and became a writer for Saturday Courier, Graham's Magazine, and Godey 's Lady's Book: established Arthur's Ladies' Magazine, 1845; Founder and Publisher.

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