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Taking advantage of the opportunities for construction brought first by the New Deal and later, after World War II, by federal highway and housing programs, Moses became a kind of planning and construction czar over New York City and Long Island. His record includes public housing projects, parkways and interstate highways, six major bridges and tunnels across the local waters, hundreds of park and playground projects, and the World’s Fairs of 1939 – 40 and 1964 – 65. From the 1930s through the 1950s, the locations and designs of parks around New York were in many cases the personal choices of Robert Moses.

In such cases the research instead takes a less controversial approach—for example, sorting users by location or neighborhood. Jeff Hayward (1990) conducted a telephone-based survey of residents of neighborhoods bordering on Franklin Park in Boston. The survey sought to find out how neighbors felt about the park, whether they used it, and their thoughts on how to improve the park. Hayward’s report analyzed the results by neighborhood without addressing the demographic characteristics of the respective neighborhoods.

These users find at Riis something like the tree-shaded margins of the tropical beaches in their home countries. Generally they would like to see more tree-shaded space made available at Riis Park for picnics. 2 It would appear that park hybrids such as Gateway may not work as well as hoped. Funding within the National Park System is allocated by priority: important parks with national constituencies rank highest. A park like Jacob Riis Park, which has no constituency outside New York City, ranks lower.

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