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What happened to Hispanophile sentiments, and the scholarly interest to which they gave rise, when Spain became part of a wide-ranging political debate that transcended the realm of academia, in which people were expected to choose sides, take a moral stand, and publicly declare their loyalties? 4 P A R T II W AT C H I N G O U R T O N G U E S , P E N S , A N D A F F I L I AT I O N S A M E R I C A N H I S PA N I S M AND THE S PA N I S H C I V I L W A R 4 C POLITICS H A P T E R AND 3 PROFESSIONALISM DON’T MENTION THE WA R If you’re not in the pursuit-of-truth business, then you should not be in the university.

While recent institutional histories have been more critical in nature, they construct remarkably similar narratives. Generally, the history of Hispanism is cast as a triumphalist account of increasing maturation. The discipline’s evolution is associated with numerical growth and an intensification of rigor, objectivity, discipline, and level of specialization. As the discipline matured, the story goes, it gradually shed its amateurism, ideology, and prejudice. 41 This kind of self-congratulatory account is not limited to literary studies.

The normality that Shubert and Álvarez Junco celebrate implies that Spain ceases to be seen and studied outside of the European framework. The real implication, though, is that a historiography divested from its cultural-nationalist biases is more mature, more objective, and more scholarly. The triumph of true scholarly values such as objectivity, disinterestedness, rigor, and love of truth also means, however, that the Hispanist field has to abandon its previous strategy of legitimation, which is now condemned as ideological.

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