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2) as v x ΐ + aS/at = vx? 8) where U is a velocity-dependent potential energy given by U = ς(φ - v . 9) The energy considerations presented in this section assume that the particle energy changes only as a result of the work done by the fields. This assumption is not strictly correct since every charged particle when accelerated irradiates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. For the situations to be considered here this effect is usually small and can be neglected. 3. 1) the motion of a charged particle in an electric field obeys the following differential equation dp/dt = q ?

Another approach consists in treating the whole plasma as a single fluid using lumped macroscopic variables and their corresponding hydrodynamic conservation equations. This theory is usually referred to as the theory. conducting one-fluid An appropriately simplified form of this theory, applicable to the study of very low frequency phenomena in highly conducting fluids immersed in magnetic fields, is usually referred to as the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) theory. 1 - The interatomic or intermolecular forces are usually represented in terms neutral of a potential energy function V(r) such that F(r) = - dV(r)/dr.

E. with the right thumb pointing in the direction of the current I, the right fingers curl in the direction of the associated magnetic field. Therefore, the Ê field produced by the circular motion of a charged particle is opposite externally applied 5 field inside direction outside the orbit. to the the particle orbit, but in the same The magnetic field generated by the ring current I, at distances much larger than r , is similar to that of a dipole (Fig. 6 ) . Since a plasma is a collection of charged particles, it possesses therefore diamagnetio properties.

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