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By Chris Rowe

Written to hide the AQA background a degree Unit 2 specification (HIS2K), our pupil ebook presents a concentrated examine key occasions in Italy from 1922 to 1945 and allows scholars to achieve a better figuring out of the interval and evaluation the major matters.

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Mussolini had to be presented as the charismatic leader-figure for 40 million Italians . Mussolini had to be a cult. Central to the task of weld ing the nation into a homogenous whole was the cult of the Duce. M ussolini promoted h i mself with vainglorious abandon . H i s p ictu re was everywhere and when he so forgot h i mself as to shake hands, the newspapers faked the photograph and showed him giving the Roman salute. Scu lptu res of the Leader a lso proliferated, a mong them equestrian statues whose eyes lit up at n ight, flash ing green, w hite and red.

Much of it was in the countless photographs of Il Duce - in uniform, in a racing car, piloting an aeroplane, sitting at his desk, stripped to the waist working in the fields. The most powerful images of Fascist Italy were live events staged as spectacle. Mussolini perfected what A. J. P Taylor called 'the Technique of the Balcony'. A Mussolini speech was not just something to be listened to, but an elaborate theatrical production. Below Mussolini was the cast of thousands, the cheering crowds. High on his balcony was Mussolini, alone and above, representing the will of the people but separate and superior.

II The use of propagan d a to support do mestic a n d foreign policies Frg. 4 Satirical cartoon showing; Mussolini as the Roman leader Caesar Activit Revision exercise Make a list of five aspects of fas cist p rop aga nda using lin ks to A ncient Rome. Explain why you think such propaganda m ight have been effective in w i n n i ng support for M usso l i ni and his regime. Exploring the deta i l O n e aspect o f the importance of image in Fascist Italy was the way in which the regime copied aspects of Catholic ritual.

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