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By Sinclair Lewis

The Pulitzer Prize profitable "Arrowsmith" (an award Lewis refused to just accept) recounts the tale of a physician who's pressured to renounce his exchange for purposes starting from public lack of expertise to the publicity-mindedness of an exceptional beginning, and turns into an remoted seeker of medical fact. creation by means of E.L.

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She is shocked and bored with his company, excusing herself early. Clawson is offended, and Martin feels that he has lost the best friend he ever had. The two never meet again. com The son of Martin and Joyce, John Arrowsmith, is named for two of his grandfathers. Three months after his birth, Joyce is more brisk than ever in her social life and advancement of pet schemes. As a surprise for Martin, she creates for him the best bacteriological laboratory he has ever seen in order to keep him near her while he works.

N. Grebstein prophesied that Lewis would eventually approximate in American literature the position held by Dickens in England. Both authors discredit the imitation and conventionality of other novelists of their own times and reject the theory of "sweetness and light" in literature. Both could seek out the sore spot but left it to others to find a cure. Neither accepted the theory that humanity is in the clutch of circumstances but believed that the individual should be strong enough to overcome odds and fight off pressures.

Inchcape Jones thinks that infectious diseases carried by rats cannot exist in St. Hubert. Dr. Stokes, an American physician, thinks otherwise, but even when there is a death from the plague, Dr. Jones considers it an isolated case and insists there will be no more. There are more immediately. Blackwater, the port of St. Hubert, maintains a bar and restaurant known as the Ice House, where homesick rum swizzlers meet. George William Vertigan, a jolly and regular customer, dies of plague two days after a visit there.

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