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By F. Paul Esposito, Louis Witten

The Symposium on Asymptotic constitution of Space-Time (SOASST) was once held on the collage of Cincinnati, June 14-18, 1976. We have been taking into consideration organizing a symposium at the homes of "in­ finity" for a number of years. the topic had reached a level of adulthood and had additionally shaped a foundation for very important present investi­ gations. It used to be felt symposium, including a ebook of the complaints, may assessment, summarize, and consolidate, the extra mature features of the sphere and function a suitable intro­ duction to an increasing physique of study. We had from the 1st the enthusiastic aid and encouragement of many colleagues; with their cooperation and recommendation, the Symposium got its ultimate shape. those complaints will attest to the worth of the Symposium. The Symposium consisted of thirty lectures and had an attendance of roughly 100 and thirty. the ultimate impetus to our selection to move ahead was once the Bicen­ tennial Anniversary of the independence of our state. A greatest get together on a college Campus without doubt is an intel­ lectual Symposium which can pay honor to the histories and standard reasons of a school. The Symposium used to be supported financially via the collage of Cincinnatl Bicentennial Committee, the nationwide technology beginning, the Gravity examine starting place, and by means of Armand Knoblaugh, Professor Emeritus of Physics of the collage of Cincinnati.

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