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By Andrew Harper

Agnes Hatcher is the main exceptional and brutal psychopath at Darden country sanatorium for the Criminally Insane. In her twisted myth lifestyles she stocks an unbreakable karma with the guy she believes to be her dedicated lover. yet this weekend, Trey--psychiatrist Trey Campbell--has deserted her to take his kin on vacation. And Agnes is feeling very unforgiving. Now, darkness has fallen at the Campbell's remoted holiday retreat, and a diabolical online game of wits is set to start. simply because what Agnes has deliberate for Trey and his kin is past something any of them can think.

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But I know 'bout who you are... I seen it in your eyes. I know you go in the room to change so other kids'll think you're just like them. You and I, we know each other from ways back. " He turned to point across to the window, as if behind the curtains and venetian blinds were all of human time. She noticed that part of his ear had been sliced off. I did it, she thought, and her heart beat slightly fast, thinking that she could really hurt him if she wanted. If only her hands weren't bound. " "I'm thirsty," she said.

No, Jim, here's what you're to do. Get a couple of the big guys--maybe Howie and get down to Hatcher's room right now, and if a cop's around, him too. My take is that Hatcher is lying there in that bed with bloc on her face, and her hands are loose. She's tried this before. " Jim gasped. It occurred to Trey that Jim was not aware of method of Hatcher's crimes. "Look, Jim. Before D ward nicknamed her the Gorgon, was called the Surgeon. She operated on people while were still alive. She removed parts of their bodies based on she felt was wrong with them.

Rita," Jim said. " Rita Paulsen looked up from the tray. She was not very bright, nor was she particularly competent, but she was tough on the job. She had a face like an angel, but she could hold down a patient in the middle of a psychotic rage if the situation arose. She was definitely an asset to the ward. " she asked. "That was Campbell on the phone. He thinks that Hatcher killed Donna. " He laughed thinking of how absurd the idea was. He had a laugh like a bull elephant. It echoed down the ward.

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