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By Richard J. Herrnstein, Charles Murray

The arguable e-book linking intelligence to type and race in glossy society, and what public coverage can do to mitigate socioeconomic changes in IQ, delivery expense, crime, fertility, welfare, and poverty.

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Palmer 1969: 13. Palmer 1969: 13. P1: JZZ 0521854695c01 CUNY083B/Sherratt 0 521 85469 5 January 25, 2006 Ancient Hermeneutics 8:50 25 the term ‘hermeneutics’. Thus, he makes three points. First, the origins of hermeneutics is in message-bringing. Second, the main feature of message-bringing is a coming to understand. Thirdly, all coming to understand is a kind of message-bringing. Although it seems to me that Palmer is rather muddled here as to whether message-bringing is a feature of understanding, or vice versa, his basic aligning of these two notions is an interesting point connecting the practice of understanding with a Greek icon.

Thus, the practice of hermeneutics was a practice of reproducing a single, correct reading. 1 The second feature of these early Catholic readings of the Bible, Warnke points out, was to reveal a true meaning. Hermeneutics was, therefore, a practice of unveiling the truth content of a text. The truth content of these Catholic readings of the Bible had two components. On the one hand, it consisted of a metaphysical dimension – an agreed ‘truth’ about how the world was created, the notion of God, questions about the existence of evil, the role of Christ and so on.

Contemporary historians such as Quentin Skinner, following a long tradition in British history, argue that texts ought to be read in the context of their own times. Others, especially those in more contemporary disciplines like politics, argue that one needs to understand the works of major thinkers like Machiavelli’s ‘Prince’ less in terms of what they tell us about the past, and more in view of how they can illuminate the present. These are just some examples of how the issues from the Roman rhetorical legacy continue into Western hermeneutical thought in the present day.

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