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By John H. Tullock

The authoritative info and suggestion you wish, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly! often called the ''Siamese combating Fish,'' the attractive Betta, with brilliant colours and lengthy fins (in males), has mesmerizing beauty and style. but Bettas can struggle and chunk, so you must hold only one in a tank. This advisor is helping you with every thing from getting ready to your Betta to conserving an atmosphere the place it is going to thrive. It covers: * constructing a fascinating aquarium * crops for the Betta tank * picking non-aggressive tankmates * protecting a fit tank and fit fish * Feeding your Betta * Breeding your Betta retaining a Betta is the precise advent to maintaining tropical fish, a calming, worthwhile pastime every person can get pleasure from.

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Choose a routine that suits your schedule and stick with it. ”) Test Kits To keep tabs on your water conditions, you will need to have a few test kits handy. You will need a nitrite test to monitor the progress of conditioning the tank (as described in chapter 5). For routine testing, kits for pH, nitrate, and water hardness complete your aquarium laboratory. qxp 3/8/06 12:15 PM Page 56 Chapter 5 Ready for Setup N ow that you have all your equipment, it’s time to put your aquarium together. Sitting at home, surrounded by all the boxes of equipment and their instruction booklets, setting up an aquarium may seem like rocket science.

This is a natural biological process, and it takes time. Fish excrete ammonia, which starts accumulating in the water as soon as you add the fish to the tank. Biological filtration converts this deadly ammonia into less dangerous nitrites and then, later, into even safer nitrates. Beneficial bacteria carry out these chemical conversions, and the conditioning process largely consists of establishing a population of beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. During the conditioning process, several types of bacteria multiply rapidly over a period of months, literally feeding on the toxic chemicals in the water.

With that said, the larger the tank, the better, unless you plan to keep only one Betta and a few companions. Water conditions tend to remain more stable as tank size increases. qxp 3/8/06 12:32 PM Page 45 Chapter 4 Understanding Aquarium Equipment Buying Secondhand If you decide to buy a secondhand tank, be sure to inspect your purchase carefully for leaks, cracks, and silicone breakdown. When buying used tanks from a retailer, check to see if the silicone seal is complete and uninterrupted. Even a small break in this seal can eventually cause leakage.

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