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By Karl H. Illinger (Eds.)

content material: Electromagnetic-field interplay with organic platforms within the microwave and far-infrared quarter : actual foundation / K.H. Illinger --
Dielectric houses of water within the microwave and far-infrared areas / E.H. furnish, S. Szwarnowski, and R.J. Sheppard --
Dielectric homes of water in myoglobin resolution / E.H. supply, N.R.V. Nightingale, R.J. Sheppard, and S.R. Gough --
electric reaction of polymers in resolution / Robert H. Cole --
Spectroscopic selection of the low-frequency dynamics of organic polymers and cells / L. Genzel, F. Kremer, L. Santo, and S.C. Shen --
Long-range forces in DNA / W.N. Mei, M. Kohli, L.L. Van Zandt, and E.W. Prohofsky --
Calculated microwave absorption through double-helical DNA / M. Kohli, W.N. Mei, L.L. Van Zandt, and E.W. Prohofsky --
Dielectric homes of organic tissue and biophysical mechanisms of electromagnetic-field interplay / H.P. Schwan --
Frequency reaction of membrane elements in nerve axon / Shiro Takashima --
A perturbation version for electromagnetic-field interplay with excitable mobile membranes / Charles A. Cain --
Developmental bioelectricity / Peter J. Ortoleva --
Coherent procedures in organic structures / H. Fröhlich --
Coherent modes in organic structures : perturbation by means of exterior fields / Friedemann Kaiser --
The reaction of biochemical response platforms to oscillating stimuli / L.K. Kaczmarek --
Nonlinear impedance and low-frequency dispersion results of a polyelectrolyte less than excessive sinusoidal fields / Chia-Lun J. Hu and Frank S. Barnes --
Ionic nonequilibrium phenomena in tissue interactions with electromagnetic fields / W.R. Adey --
Calcium ion efflux induction in mind tissue through radiofrequency radiation / C.F. Blackman, W.T. Joines, and J.A. Elder --
The microwave listening to impression / James C. Lin.

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28), mechanical anharmonicity, and non-linear terms in the dipolemoment function, Eq. (29), lead to breakdown in these strict selection rules, and frequencies other than the set, ω =ωι,ω2, ω . . ω - . . ω , become observable in the dipole-allowed spectrum. For systems of the complexity envisaged in the FrBhlich model, biopolymers and/or portions of the membrane, the magnitude of the terms in Eqs. (28) and (29) is difficult to ascertain, and nonvanishing higher-order terms are not unexpected.

V j ,. v . ,v )=m, and ( v ] + j i , v +J2 , ·-v-j+j j ,. v +J ,. v +j )=n, w i t h : j = ±1,±2,.. Which of the t r a n s i t i o n s m1n have a non-vanishing dipole-moment m a t r i x element depends on the v a r i a t i o n o f the p o t e n t i a l energy, V (Q-2 ,Q2 ,. Q. ,. Q1,. Q ) , and v i b r a t i o n a l normal coordinates (Q ) which d e s c r i b e the v i b r a t i o n ­ a l d i s t o r t i o n of the system. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1981.

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