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This cutting edge new paintings clarifies the misconceptions aroundbody language whereas delivering a systematic method of knowing non-verbal communicationat paintings. The authors clarify why it's so very important to appreciate physique language in enterprise, combining demanding study facts with unambiguous assistance and functional purposes.

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Dead fish: cold, clammy, limp. • knuckle grinder: the macho handshake which squeezes the fingers only. • stiff-arm thrust: no bending of the arm. • arm pull: sometimes found in children. Another interesting quandary in the “modern” handshake is what to do with the other (left) hand. One can leave it limp at one’s side; or grab the other person’s wrist, elbow, upper arm or shoulder to show various attitudes such as sincerity, honesty or a caring quality. Some handshakes, of course, have no hidden meaning.

20 INTRODUCTION Vocal communication media The telephone offers numerous advantages over the letter. Feedback is immediate, if the person is available. It has a rather different legal status; that is, there is no record of the conversation. One can queuejump, often quite effectively, unless the person with whom one wishes to speak has a filter mechanism such as an unhelpful personal assistant. But the telephone has two other major advantages, certainly over the face-to-face meeting. The first is that you may speak to somebody while knowing practically nothing about him or her.

Darwin also observed that smiling and laughter often occurred together and therefore had similar origins. Happiness, he thought, was similar to amusement. Smiling, it is argued, is the outward manifestation of happiness, and serves to begin to connect us to others. We are, as people say now, “prewired” to connect with others via this system. Interestingly, some researchers have shown that people who cannot smile, because of facial paralysis, say, have more difficulty in social relationships. However, there maybe cultural differences in rules of smiling: when etiquette dictates whether it is appropriate to smile or not.

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