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By Gregg Mitman

While you are drawn to a "populist" view op politics, you could take pleasure in this booklet. while you are attracted to asthma, now not rather a lot.

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Miraculously, the Samuel Willey house, the homestead nearest to Crawford’s, was protected from a large mudslide by a boulder behind the house that diverted the slide to both sides. But tragically all nine of the Willey household, including five children, perished as they fled outside, presumably upon hearing the mountain roaring down upon them. The Willey disaster became the subject of extensive press coverage, paintings, and literary and philosophical speculation and helped to transform the region into a tourist attraction overnight.

39 If the ‘‘rugged grandeur’’ of the mountains was ‘‘somewhat marred by the presence of [such] mammoth hostelries, and by the lines of railroad which pass with sinuous course through the valleys, . . 41 They drew poetic inspiration from, botanized, and took solace in nature; they did not care to toil in it. They also did not care to see nature disturbed, for example, by agricultural practice or logging. The regional transformation of the White Mountains into an idyllic retreat depended upon distancing the forces of production, of not only the factory but also the farm.

Often these customers were one and the same. 60 As noted, one such gentleman enthusiast of the outdoor life was the busy Dr. Hemingway. Ed Hemingway thought hunting wild game, plying streams and lakes with rod and reel, and cooking over an open fire under a hemlock canopy—skills that he bestowed upon his son Ernest— taught physical courage and endurance and how to cope with hardship. Particularly sensitive in the summer to irritants around him, Ed Hemingway also believed that such activities strengthened the moral and nervous fibers frayed by city life.

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