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The main run may continue in the vertical. To place fittings from the branches, select Join to from the Rect or Rnd/Oval pull-down menu. The system prompts you with the message. Select a duct to join to: Touch the exiting end of the branch (see Figure 3-6). Once the system has returned to the horizontal direction, it continues in that direction until Turn Up or Turn Down is selected again. HVAC-31 Continue vertically or Join to branch Figure 3-6 Up, Down, Normal-Round Fittings The process to Turn Up or Turn Down using round fittings is the same as rectangular or oval fittings with a few additional options.

Select ducts/fittings to mirror: Refer to your HVAC Help files for more information on using this command. Rotate Fitting(s) The Rotate Fitting(s) command enables you to rotate objects by choosing a base point and a relative or absolute rotation angle. When you select the Rotate Fitting(s) from the menu the following prompt appears. Select ducts/fittings to rotate: After choosing an object, you are then prompted to select the base point for the rotation. Select objects: specify base point: Refer to your HVAC Help files for more information on using this command.

If the cut-to-length piece required is less than the minimum straight, the leftover length is automatically added to the elbow (see Figure 4-4). Figure 4-4 Elbow Angle This option allows you to set the angle for the elbow(s) used in the Auto-Route. When the angle selection is set to Enter, the elbow’s angle setting is defined in degrees. This setting should be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 90. Elbow Throat This option defines the minimum throat length for the elbow(s) used in the Auto-Route.

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