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By Josh Kilmer-Purcell

From the significantly acclaimed writer of it's not that i am Myself nowadays comes the very abnormal adventures of a starry-eyed younger guy from the Midwest looking status and fortune within the flamboyant surreality of latest York, l. a. . . . and all over in among. Jayson Blocher is bored with worshiping popular culture; he desires to be a part of it. So he is off, observed through an ever-changing solid of quirky nuclear family participants, on a very bumpy trip from rural Wisconsin to a brand new York escort employer for Broadway refrain boys, to a Hollywood sitcom set. someplace in the market his future awaits—along with the invention of past love, a few strange coincidences, a kidnapping secret . . . and the sobering fact that being America's sweetheart can depart a really bitter aftertaste.

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The sun was slipping fast. MISS BELLE: Well then, call up the funeral home, Amethyst Carrington, ’cause you need to get measured! Take this! JOSH KILMER-PURCELL 29 Jayson threw the tumbler of Tab he was holding “off screen” at the invisible Amethyst Carrington. This was meant to instigate the catfight between the two characters Jayson was playing. With all the complications, the entire scene took nearly an hour and a half to shoot as Jayson repeatedly changed back and forth between Amethyst Carrington and Miss Belle.

Jayson asked Franck, who was warily watching Terri, Tom, and Unsinger cross the yard back toward their house. “Dunno,” Franck said, pulling a cane out from the front seat. ” “Maybe. ” Franck leaned her weight on the cane and sighed. She winced as if the pain of punching out a man three feet taller and a hundred pounds heavier was just catching up to her. ” “It’s my hip. Dysplasia. ” In addition to her smoking style, Franck’s cane, in Jayson’s eyes, was her second redeeming quality. Ever since watching an episode of Happy Days where Ralph Malph broke his leg in a skiing accident and suddenly found himself the center of Mrs.

Both of the twins exhibited a sort of prized Wisconsin Aryan-ness that excused them from blame for almost any caper. They looked like protagonists from a Disney movie, but behaved like After School Specials. “She’s heading to Chicago for the weekend. For some artsy thing,” Jayson continued nonchalantly. “But don’t say anything to your mother. ” Tara turned her head and yelled up the stairs. ” Jayson mouthed. ” Terri yelled from the kitchen. “Jayson wants us to teach him how to pray over at his place tonight.

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