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Instead of lots of their extra reserved predecessors, smooth tv serials equivalent to Queer as Folk and The L Word, which focus predominantly on queer characters, dare to incorporate a number of hugely arguable tale traces, characteristic specific intercourse scenes and mirror upon formerly tabooed points of their depiction of homosexuality.
Challenging Heterosexism from the different Point of View discusses how those in particular queer indicates satisfy a functionality of tough institutionalized attitudes of society, corresponding to dichotomous notions of gender, heterosexism or homophobia. additionally, the query is raised whether or not they additionally serve to do the other by accident, via reinforcing stereotypes and in all likelihood making a really inflexible picture of the concept that of gay identification. The complexity of the cultural impression instructed through those sequence defines the focus of the qualitative content material research of those leading edge media items.

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Moreover, the characters depicted in this show were presented as regular people, with complex and full forms of existence, including a sex life. Homosexuality was, in fact, presented from a queer perspective: The presentation of gays and lesbians as protagonists is in itself nonstandard. Few gay or lesbian characters appear on mainstream television, particularly in prominent roles, and if they do, they tend to be stereotyped, desexualized, or presented from a straight perspective. 44 42 43 44 Cooper 2003, 531.

Both of them were mostly seen as positive characters. Another finding of the study was that those participants who knew a likable gay character were less likely to have homophobic tendencies. Bond-Raacke at al. 27 Testing such a claim is hardly possible, unfortunately. Moreover, the whole study is based on a rather questionable chicken-andegg-situation. After all, truly homophobic viewers are much less likely to watch any show on a gay protagonist in the first place. Apart from this potentially positive effect, however, the representation of gay men in Will & Grace once again falls into the asexual, neutralized, unthreatening jester variation of the discussed two representable gay stereotypes: The American sitcom Will & Grace is a good example.

It has also included fieldwork, political activism and community involvement, mostly attempting to change society’s attitude towards marginalized groups of people, to fight for their rights, and to defeat homophobia. Hence, in this field, academic research and politics are highly intertwined. As Abelove states about gay and lesbian studies, this 2 3 Jagose 2004, 1. Kruger 2007, 1237. 4 Queer studies has also always had a double role in that sense, situated from the start between an academic field of study and political activism.

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