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By David Lodge

Euphoric nation collage with its whitestone, sun-drenched campus and England's damp red-brick collage of Rummidge have an annual professorial alternate scheme, and because the first day of the final 12 months of the tumultuous sixties dawns, Philip Swallow and Morris Zapp are the specified exchangees. They recognize they are going to be swapping category rosters, yet what they do not know is that during a wildly spiraling transatlantic involvement they're going to quickly be swapping scholars, colleagues, or even other halves. Changing Places is a hilarious send-up of educational existence, highbrow style, intercourse, and marriage via a author Anthony Burgess has referred to as "one of the simplest novelists of his generation."

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But the heating system turned out to be one of electric radiators perversely and unalterably programmed to come on at full -blast when you were asleep and to turn themselves off as soon as you got up, from which time they leaked a diminishing current oflukewarm air into ii the frigid atmosphere until you were ready to go to bed again. This system, Dr O'Shea explained, was extremely economical because it ran on half-price electricity, but it still seemed to Morris an expensive way to work up a sweat in bed.

Philip inquired.

Give him accelerated promotion to Associate Professor. ' ' W e l l . . ' Bill Moser hesitated, then sighed. ' Bill's voice dropped to a lower, more confidential pitch. 'Why the sudden yearning for Europe, Morris? ' 'You must be joking, Bill. No, I think I need a change. A new perspective. ' Bill Moser roared with laughter. Morris Zapp wasn't surprised that Bill Moser was incredulous. But there was a kind of truth in his answer that he wouldn't have dreamed of admitting except in the guise ofa palpable lie.

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