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By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Leda Hubbard, a forensic pathologist, will get the activity of her desires whilst an old-fashioned good friend hires her to gather and authenticate the DNA of the recognized Cleopatra. It’s all nice enjoyable for Leda until eventually, in the course of a major catastrophe, her colourful dad, the dig’s defense expert, is killed by way of a bunch attempting to hijack the valuable fabric for a “blend,” a procedure within which the queen’s DNA is used to import her thoughts, character, and personality qualities to a brand new host. They screw up, despite the fact that, and get Leda’s dad’s DNA as a substitute. to maintain the queen from going to the murderers, Leda blends with Cleopatra herself, studying much more approximately Egypt than she ever desired to know.

“ A vivid, occasionally funny, usually darkish, yet continually cutting edge speculative fiction. . . Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is often a deal with to learn yet with this novel, she takes readers the place no

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I wish to blend with Pandora Blades because her death truncated what I believe could be an even more splendid volume of work than that already produced. I would be thrilled to be a vessel for it. As you may know, Pandora was in constant pain from the deformities she suffered from polio in childhood and later, as the result of the terrible accident that impaled her. My own pain and slight deformity will not, therefore, be daunting to her. Also, we are of an age, so she may feel that she is starting where she stopped before.

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