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By Philip P. Betancourt

This certain file describes archaeological fieldwork performed among 1995 and 1997 in rural northeast Crete. Excavations have been made in destinations: a metallurgy workshop (abandoned in EM III) and a close-by rural habitation website, maybe a farmhouse (used till LM III). a radical survey of the neighborhood published different actions within the quarter from the Early Neolithic onwards, and put the websites in a micro-regional context. A booklet of the Minoan farmhouse will look thus, yet this quantity stands by itself as either an outline of the undertaking and as an in depth research of the copper smelting workshop.

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10. Sarpaki 1992. THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT 21 than grains, olives, or grapes, so itwould agricultural strategy, with extra care. have required a different type of exists for a somewhat Evidence in comparison with for pollen suitable the situation different climate in the Bronze Age in the 20th century. 12 These conditions may have prevailed in eastern as well. 13 Pine does not grow on Pseira today because the climate is too dry, although it is present in some of the ravines and other shaded places in this part of Crete.

The precipitation 1. The sections climate of this P. P. Betancourt. was written were chapter The geology byW. resources and natural written by section R. Farrand. 2. Allbaugh 1953;Mariolo poulos 1961; Zohary andOrshan 1965; Gat and 1980. Magaritz 3. Zohary and Orshan 1965, suppl. are moderate. 1 demonstrates, the temperature in January is substantially colder than it is in July, but it is seldom cold enough to kill hardy plant life. 3 the summer, fall, and winter, the are from During prevailing winds the northwest.

Faure 1964, pp. 32,227; 1966, p. 48. 31. Haggis 1992, p. 171. 32. Boyd 1901, p. 156. INTRODUCTION IS recorded here as Pyrgos Chrysokaminou (Fig. 5), but it could also refer to the farmstead excavated by this project. 33 Harriet Boyd Hawes final publication a site called "Golden reported that in 1900 the local residents showed her a few of where she collected Furnace," copper. She said that "rock " pieces obtained from the adjacent cliff contained traces of copper. 35 He (who was reported that visited the site of Crete) then Ephor-General twice, once in 1906 and a second time either before or later.

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