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By John Chitty, Aidan Raftery

Succeed in for this booklet each time a ailing or injured tortoise comes into the surgical procedure. Essentials of Tortoise medication and Surgery is designed as a concise and sensible speedy reference for the busy practitioner seeing chelonians as a part of their caseload.  overlaying every little thing from species id to universal easy surgical procedure for tortoises and freshwater turtles, the emphasis is at the extra universal and sure diagnoses.

the 1st portion of the ebook provides an summary of the fundamentals of tortoise and semi-aquatic/ aquatic freshwater turtle husbandry and holding, in addition to a advisor to common research and diagnostic thoughts open to clinicians. the second one part presents a medical advisor in accordance with medical indicators and differential diagnoses.

established upon the adventure of authors who've been practising with those species for numerous a long time, this ebook is an invaluable advisor to veterinarians, scholars, veterinary nurses and technicians new to operating with those attention-grabbing creatures.  it is going to additionally function an invaluable aide memoire to more matured clinicians.

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2. Weigh – a weight loss in excess of 5% may indicate a problem – either a health issue, an incorrect hibernation temperature or the animal has urinated. Most tortoises lose less than 2% of their body weight during hibernation. 3. Check the animal for any signs of disease. 4. Place it in an enclosure at the appropriate temperature, with access to a basking area. 5. Ensure that food and water are available. 6. Monitor appetite, urination, activity and defecation. 7. A healthy tortoise with access to an adequate basking area will start eating on the first day of emergence from hibernation.

Studies in Testudo hermanni appear to show that both exposure to temperatures under 10 °C and light cycles of 16 hours dark/8 hours light were required to reduce both serotonin and melatonin to the low non-cyclical levels seen in hibernation. Feeding Feeding behaviours will vary according to diet. The herbivorous species tend to forage over large distances, as many are adapted to live in arid/semi-arid areas and fibrous plant material. e. succulent foods rich in simple carbohydrates) or obesity/growth deformities may result (see the nutrition section) as fewer calories are expended in seeking food.

However, much of this falls off the insect before it is eaten and nutritional metabolic bone disease is frequently seen in chelonians fed dusted insects: ● ● ● Insects should be fed a commercially formulated insect food for a minimum of 36 hours before they are used as food. Water must also be provided for the insects. A wet sponge or cotton wool sitting in a small container of water that they can reach is adequate. They will drown in shallow water. Providing moist food such as fruit as a water source will result in poor nutrition, as they will then not eat the insect food.

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